Evidson Headphones

Get into your comfort zone

Our headphones make sure your ears don’t strain even after hours of usage. So, get the brand new Evidson headphones today, pick your favorite playlist, and play them for hours.


Give your hands a break!

With Evidson headphones, juggle between as many things as you want with hands-free calling. Make hassle free calls and let the headphones do the rest.



Use easily and stream effortlessly

Pause and play at your fingertip. Grab the best headphones from Evidson and get into the adventure of smoother calling and listening to music.



Hear the best music from the best headphones

Travel through the layers of music and get into the depth of it. Not just enjoy the music, but feel the beats bouncing in you.


Get going with music !
  • Premium Titanium diaphragm.
  • Balanced Audio Output.
  • In-line High sensitivity microphone to make sure that your voice comes through crisply and clearly.
  • The easy-to-use multifunction button allows you to accept calls, play, pause and switch music.